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The first step is to ask the right questions

How do I get my technicians to sell more?

Build the culture - focus on training

I’ll come to your office, ride with your techs, get a feel for the culture of your business and report back to you on my recommendations for your company. We will introduce sales 101 and move from there at your pace.

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I have no experience managing my sales reps, how do I manage them?

Very carefully!

If you lack sales management experience, I can help 

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How do I build a commercial division?

Very carefully!

Slowly would be my initial response  - The first thing you need to determine is are you ready for the expense? We offer a program called "Building the Foundation for Commercial Division Success"

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How do I get my sales representatives to sell more profitable commercial services?

Choose the Value Plus - 2 Day Commercial Sales Program


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How do I set the correct compensation Plan to maximize growth?

Manage your sales reps for PEAK Performance

Do you currently have a compensation plan written out that you can explain on an escalator ride up three floors? When was the last time you changed your compensation Plan?  

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How do I use Sales Training by Design to help with Growth?

Consider the 2-5-10 Growth Plan

Even if you aren't in the market to sell your company right now, the 2-5-10 Growth & Exit Strategy Plan is all about taking your Pest Management business to the next level

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When do I bring on a Sales Manager?

This depends on how many sales reps you have.

Who is managing the team now? What division/s will this person manage?

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What should I be doing now to position my company for sale in the future?

2-5-10 Complete - Growth & Exit Strategy Plan

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The wheels are moving but you’re not going anywhere! Do you feel stuck as a small business owner?

Let’s get you jump started

The beauty of having a remote consultant with over 37 years of experience allows you to ask any question to help guide you and your business forward. 

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Custom training to cut through the questions

Sales Training by Design™, Inc. offers a variety of programs and services that range from hourly consultations, to focused retainers, custom training presentations and a business coaching program.

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