2-5-10 Complete, Your Comprehensive Growth and Exit Strategy Tool

As the owner of a privately-held pest management company, you have two primary roles. 

  • First, you’re a shareholder and “investor” in your business, responsible for growing your investment in the company. 
  • Second, you’re a “manager”, responsible for setting strategy and organizing all the resources of the firm. 

At Sales Training by Design we’ve got a long history of working with and advising the “manager” in you, to grow your business. 

Over the years, as we’ve worked with owners, a few recurring questions tend to come up on many of our engagements:

“What is my business worth today?”

“Where should I focus my efforts and resources to maximize the value of my business?”

After all, you own a pest management business to create wealth for yourself and your family. By directing your resources to their best use, you can maximize the value of your firm. 

The Power of Partnership...Accelerating Growth with a Focus on an Exit Strategy 

While Sales Training by Design has always been uniquely positioned to help growing pest management firms accelerate growth, we are not specialists in valuation and M&A – and unlike other firms in the industry, we don’t pretend to be. We’re specialists in business development and recurring revenue growth, not jacks-of-all-trades. 

Over the years, we’ve had opportunity to work with The Potomac Company – the valuation and M&A powerhouse based in Philadelphia, PA and Geneva, Switzerland – with some mutual clients. 

Paul Giannamore, Managing Director of The Potomac Company, said, 

“I took serious notice of Patrick and Sales Training by Design when I saw the incredible results of his efforts in our mutual clients. In one PCT Top 100 client, I noticed that their commercial sales division was growing at 3x times the industry average. When I asked the client what they were doing differently he said, ‘We hired Patrick Quigley and he taught us everything we now know about commercial sales and service. He’s our secret weapon."

Both firms quickly realized that by working together we could provide tremendous value to our mutual clients. 

Potomac is the undisputed leader in valuation and M&A in the pest management industry. Paul Giannamore and his team have performed valuations and executed M&A engagements for approximately 400 pest management businesses globally. 

From Baltimore to Burma, Singapore to Sydney and Chino to China, Potomac is THE trusted global authority. There is no other valuation advisory firm in the world that has been engaged by the publicly traded acquirers in the industry to advise on valuation, structure and M&A strategy. 

In the last 18 months alone, Potomac has executed over a quarter of a Billion dollars in M&A volume in the pest management industry and you’ll benefit directly from this unparalleled experience. 

Patrick Quigley has 37 years of experience in the Pest Management Industry. As President of Sales Training by Design, Patrick has been helping PMPs for the last two decades. He has worked with many companies that have been acquired and continues to work with companies helping them build their business and improve their procedures every day. Sales Training by Design offers Customer Service Training, Residential Sales Training, and Commercial Sales Training. Patrick works with Owners, Managers, and Sales Managers to complete one objective, and that is to help grow their “Top and Bottom Lines”.  

Since working together with a few mutual clients, the two firms established: 2-5-10 Complete – Your Growth and Exit Strategy Plan.

What is 2-5-10 Complete?

By joining forces, Sales Training by Design and Potomac collaborate to offer our clients the most powerful growth and exit planning tool available anywhere. 

We begin the process with Potomac’s Preliminary Valuation™

With the Preliminary Valuation™ you’ll understand what your business is worth to you as a shareholder as well as what it would likely sell for to a strategic acquirer – such as Rentokil, Terminix, Anticimex or Orkin. 

To chart a course for the future, it’s important to understand where you are today. 

  • The Preliminary Valuation™ is more than an appraisal. It’s a diagnostic tool to tell you where you stack up against other firms in the industry as well as the publicly traded acquirers. In addition to providing you with a valuation, we analyze your margins, pricing, operational systems, sales process and culture. 
  • From there, we reverse engineer your growth strategy based on where you want to be in the future. Whether you want to exit your business in less than 2 years, five years or more than ten years, Potomac and Sales Training by Design work together with you to chart a course. 
  • Small children quickly learn it’s easier to solve a maze by working from the exit to the entrance. In the same way, the exit planning process involves getting out your crystal ball and trying to envision your ideal future. You may envision running your business until you retire to Florida, or working for another four years and then joining the Ultimate Fighting Championship circuit. Whatever your end goal is, it is here that we begin. 
  • We work with you to give serious thought and consideration to your desired outcomes and goals. Remember, these are not written in stone, but they absolutely should be written somewhere on paper. Your goals may be a moving target, and that’s OK. It’s better to aim at, and miss goals, than to not aim at anything at all. At least if you’re aiming at something, you can learn from it and make adjustments.

Remember the difference between a Goal and a Dream is that a Goal is written down. 

Unmatched Legal and Tax Firepower at Your Fingertips

The tax, succession and transaction attorneys on our team are the most experienced in their areas of specialization. Just like accountants aren’t trained to perform business valuation and heart surgeons aren’t trained to perform prostate procedures, great attorneys aren’t generalists, they’re specialists. 

As part of 2-5-10 Complete, you’ll have access to M&A and tax attorneys that have executed transactions with Orkin, Terminix, Anticimex, Rentokil as well as transferred pest management businesses internally to family members. 

For example, the most experienced tax attorney who’s done work in the pest management industry worked with us to structure the allocation of purchase price on a complicated, $100 million pest management acquisition – saving the seller millions in transaction taxes. He’s on our 2-5-10 Complete team and you’ll benefit from his decades of specialized expertise in tax matters. 

Our transaction attorney has completed more transactions in the pest management industry than any other attorney we’ve come across and our clients rave about him – he’s on your 2-5-10 Complete and you’ll have exclusive access to his decades of M&A and structuring experience. 

Plan For Your Future Today…